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HB-05 Denpasar City Tour

  Badung traditional market is the largest
  traditional market in Bali, located in the centre of
  Denpasar, the capital city of Bali Island.
  Then proceed to Museum Bali which is also known as
  one of the biggest museum in Bali,
  the differentiation culture of northern part,
  western part and eastern part of Balinese culture
  is displayed here.
  Bajra Sandi known as the monument of struggle
  will give you a glance information how the
  Balinese people struggle to get the independence.

Tour duration start around 09:00 – 19:00 (10 hrs)


 Pasar Badung  The largest traditional market in Bali.
 Museum Bali  Bali museum in Denpasar City.
 Bajra Sandi  Monument of Balinese People Struggle.
 Padang Padang Beach  Secluded white sandy beach.
 Uluwatu Temple  Sacred temple on cliff, stony end of Bali island.
 Kecak Dance  One of the most popular dance in Bali.
 Jimbaran  Seafood Dinner on the white shandy beach.

Tour Rate

 1 person  US$ 85
 2~3 person  US$ 48 / 1person
 4~6 person  US$ 38 / 1person
 7Person up please contact for special price

Price Included

Private Tour, Flexible stopping time, English speaking driver,
Full air condition car, Parking ticket.

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