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HAI BALI TOURS . com is a local travel company specializing in travel , sightseeing & tours in Bali.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Call Service“Kenji 99 consultation Services”

To support your Holiday during in Bali,
we are happy to conduct emergency consultation contact “Kenji 99 Services”.
If you have any language problem with the hotel, restaurant, spa etc
please don not be hesitate to contact us at anytime,
we are ready and glad to support you.

★Emergency Call Service (24Hours English-speaking)

Mobile Phone Rental Service

We also provide you a rental hand phone with local SIM card
to easier you to contact the locals you want.

Rental Mobile SIM

Indonesia Mobile company SIM (Indosat or Telkomsel)

Lending, Return

Lending and return location is at Airport upon arrival or at Hotel
Our English speaking staff or guide will deliver to you.


We required US$ 40/pcs as cash deposit guarantee and we will do full refund
when we receive the hand phone back, if nothing damage with the phone or lost.

Payment Methods

The rental fee will be collected upon delivery.
(we will calculate based on the rate at that day for the payment by Rupiah or others currency)

Rental Price

We offer special rate for the guest who use our Aiport transfer services.

Number of days available Single(1 units) Pair (2 units)
Up to 5 days and 4 nights US$ 15 US$ 25
6 days and 5 nights ~ Up to 11 days and 10 nights US$ 30 US$ 45

★If you are using only mobile phone rental

Number of days available Single(1 units) Pair (2 units)
3 days 2 nights US$ 15 US$ 25
4 days 3 nights US$ 20 US$ 30
5 days 4 nights US$ 25 US$ 35
6 days 5 nights US$ 32 US$ 48
7 days 6 nights US$ 35 US$ 52
8 days 7 nights US$ 37 US$ 55
9 days 8 nights US$ 38 US$ 60
10 days 9 nights US$ 39 US$ 65
11 days 10 nights US$ 40 US$ 70

★Payment method of call charge
We use prepaid card system on rental hand phoned.
We will charge based on call charge used amount only
and will be calculated when we receive the hand phone back.

The aim of the call charge per minute

Bali southern area (fixed phone)  Rp1,000 ~ Rp1,500
To Bali entire mobile phone     Rp1,500 ~ Rp2,000
To landlines in Japan             Rp10,000 ~ Rp15,000
To a mobile phone in Japan             Rp10,000 ~ Rp20,000

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