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HAI BALI TOURS . com is a local travel company specializing in travel , sightseeing & tours in Bali.

Bali Adventures

Bali Island has also a wide range of adventures tour to complete your holiday
in this paradise island.
All adventures are very attractive, full of challenge and really fun.
Please explore every corner of Bali Island you will find something different
which you never seen before such as beauty of nature,
variety of flora and fauna the smile and friendliness of Balinese resident etc.
We offer White Water Rafting, Bali River Tubing, Elephant Safari Ride,
Jungle and Village trekking, Mountain and village Cycling, Horse Riding,
Sea Walker with special discounted price and many others.
Let join our special adventures tour and find the differentiation.


  Tour Duration:About 8 hours~
  Price:US$ 38 ~
  Bali’s white water rafting guide has been experience
  and professional with International Safety Standard.

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Bali River Tubing

  Tour Duration:About 8 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 58 / Child:US$ 39
  Enjoy the new experience of Bali River Tubing trip held on
  Pakerisan River at Tampaksiring district part of
  Gianyar Regency in Bali.

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Elephant Ride

  Tour Duration:About 8 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 45 / Child:US$ 30
  During your stay in Bali please don’t miss to learn more
  about the Elephant,a magnificent species from Sumatra.

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  Tour Duration:By each area
  Price:US$ 20~180
  Each spot has its own specification and different plankton
  and fantastic coral reef.    Once you tried it,
  you will have an unforgettable Bali’s in different World.

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Dolphin Lodge

  Tour Duration:About 3.5 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 77 / Child:US$ 67
  The dolphin lodge is located on a floating sea pen in the ocean,
  this friendly animal will amaze you with their intelligence,
  physical ability and gentleness.

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Dolphin Watching

  Tour Duration:About 14 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 65 / Child:US$ 35
  Depart at around 03:00 in early morning direct to Lovina Beach,
  catch a local boat, get in to the Boat, Dolphin Waching.

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Trolling & Fishing

  Tour Duration:About 6.5 hours
  Price:US$ 75~
  Sail Fish and from time to time Blue & Black Marlin.
  If you are a fishing lover please do not miss your Bali Fishing
  while enjoying the atmosphere of the ocean.

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Bali Hai Cruise

  Tour Duration:About 11 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 90 / Child:US$ 55
  Bali Hai Cruises operates Bali Hai Reef Cruises which is packed
  with activitiesfor the whole family.  Depart from Benoa harbor
  at 9.15am each day to cruise from Bali to Nusa Lembongan.

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Sea Walker

  Tour Duration:About 6.5 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 65 / Child:US$ 54
  This activities allow everyone to enjoy the marine life
  with minimum equipment and minimum fuss. Just put on your helmet
  then you can safely walk in the bottom of the sea.

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Odyssey Submarine

  Tour Duration:About 8 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 69 / Child:US$ 34.5
  The exotic undersea world can now be experienced
  by people of all ages and physical condition,
  in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

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Camel Safari Ride

  Tour Duration:About 4 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 35 / Child:US$ 20
  The camel is already well trained to adapt to people
  and the environment.
  You will guided by professional tamers during the journey.

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Horse Riding

  Tour Duration:About 6 hours
  Price:US$ 75
  You will feel a peaceful ride along the beach
  before passing through bamboo and alang-alang plantations
  where wild banana trees and pineapples thrive.

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Marine Sports

  Tour Duration:About 4 hours~
  Price:Adult:US$ 35 / Child:US$ 20
  A:Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Banana Boat  US$ 40
  B:Parasailing, Fly Fish, Jet Skiing  US$ 40
  C:Parasailing, Snorkeling, Turtle Island  US$ 75
  D:Parasailing, Banana Boat, Diving  US$ 75
  E:Diving, Fly Fish, Wake Board  US$ 75
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