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HB-09 Bali Bird Park & Ubud Tour

  The first visit of this tour is Tohpati village
  which is famous for hand made Batik factory,
  proceed to visit traditional Balinese house compound
  in Batuan, where you can see the real Balinese
  traditional house, their activities etc.
  The beauty of Tegalalang rice terrace will be
  more enjoyable if you take lunch here.
  The last visit is Bali Bird Park where you can enjoy
  a lot of birds varieties, animals collected
  from all over the world.

Tour duration start around 09:00 – 19:00 (10 hrs)


 Tohpati Village  Central of Batik Ikat.
 Batuan Village  Traditional Balinese House compound and Art Painting.
 Tegalalang Village  The Picturesque rice terrace.
 UBUD  Colony artist and monkey forest.
 Bali Bird Park  As the highlight of this tour that consist of hundreds kind of birds
 from whole over Indonesia and the world.
 See the rarest animal in the world also…..” KOMODO DRAGON”.

Tour Rate

 1 person  US$ 100
 2~3 person  US$ 75 / 1person
 4~6 person  US$ 60 / 1person
 7Person up please contact for special price

Price Included

Private Tour, Flexible stopping time, English speaking driver,
Full air condition car, Parking ticket.

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