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HB-10 Kintamani Volcano & Mother Temple Besakih Temple

  The first visit for this full day tour is Suwung village
  to enjoy the performance of barong dance symbolize
  the eternal fight between the goodness and the badness,
  then proceed to Goa Gajah temple renowned as
  one of the world heritage.
  Having Indonesian buffet lunch at one of restaurant
  in Kintamani while enjoying the amazing panorama of
  Mount and lake Batur.
  Proceed to Balinese mother temple of Besakih temple
  which is built on 8th century By Rsi Markandeya located
  on the slope of Mount Agung.
  on the way back to hotel we stop at Keta Gosa, old Balinese justice courtyard.

Tour duration start around 09:00 – 17:00 (8 hrs)


 Suwung Village  Most popular dance in Bali, Barong and Keris dance.
 Goa Gajah Temple  Elephant Cave Temple, Old and uniqe Tri lingga & Ganesha Statue.
 Kintamani  Having lunch while enjoying amazing Volcano and Lake Batur View.
 Besakih  The mother of all temples in Bali.
 Kerta Gosa  The Ancient Bali court of justice.

Tour Rate

 1 person  US$ 80
 2~3 person  US$ 50 / 1person
 4~6 person  US$ 40 / 1person
 7Person up please contact for special price

Price Included

Private Tour, Flexible stopping time, English speaking driver,
Full air condition car, Parking ticket.

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