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HB-11 Batur Temple & Traditional Village

  The first visit is Bali Bird Park, the largest
  and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world
  plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America.
  Then proceed to Batuan village is a major painting centre
  in Bali since 1930s, known as Batuan style emerged
  in to a major Balinese artistic style.
  Goa Gajah is a significant Hindu archeological site,
  this place was used as a hermitage or sanctuary
  by Hindu priests who dug the cave by hand.
  Although accredited as a sacred Hindu site,
  a number of relics and close proximity of a
  Buddhist temple suggest that the site
  held special significant to early Budisht in Bali.
  Kintamani sit on the rim of the huge batur caldera about 1,500m above sea level,
  and offer dramatic views of the active volcano Mount Batur and serene Lake Batur,
  Toya Bungkah village is down at the edge.
  Penglipuran village is a traditional countryside owning a unique characteristic life,
  socializing and culture.

Tour duration start around 09:00 – 17:00 (8 hrs)


 Bali Bird Park  The Biggest Bird park in Bali and home of the “Komodo dragon”.
 Batuan Village  Traditional Bali House Compound and Painting Village.
 Goa Gajah  Elephant cave temple, Tri Lingga and Ganesha ” an Elephant God”.
 Kintamani  The highland for our meal spot, cool mountain resort.
 Batur Village  Where we will visit the Batur temple, Which also visiting Chinese temple inside.
 Penglipuran Village  Original Balinese Village, Traditional Village at Bangli Regency.

Tour Rate

 1 person  US$ 100
 2~3 person  US$ 70 / 1person
 4~6 person  US$ 60 / 1person
 7Person up please contact for special price

Price Included

Private Tour, Flexible stopping time, English speaking driver,
Full air condition car, Parking ticket.

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