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HB-17 Promitive Trunyan Village & Tradition


The first visit of this Full day tour is Batuan village, to visit Balinese traditional compound
and also famous with art work style of painting since 1930s.
Mas village produce very good quality of wood carving made from very hard wood such as teak,
mahogany, ebony, and hibiscus wood. Those wood import from from another Island Java,
Sumara, and Sulawesi. Penelokan means “Place to Look” This cool high land
with 1,450 meter above sea level village perches on the rim of a caldera looking out
blackened, smoking volcano of Gunung Batur and Lake Batur.
over the sacred, All important water caching for south central Bali’s agricultural wealth.
Trunyan village is one of Bali Aga village located between the lake
and the outer crater rim of Batur, an almighty volcano in Kintamani. Unlike the Balinese people,
the people of Trunyan do not cremate or bury dear dead,
but just lay them out in bamboo cage to decompose, although strangely no stench.
A macabre collection of skulls and bones lies on the stone platform and surrounding areas.

Tour duration start around 09:00 – 19:00 (10 hrs)


 Batuan Village  Traditional Bali House Compound & Painting.
 MAS Village  Central of fine wood carving.
 Penelokan  The mountainous land with its famous lake and Mt. Batur, having lunch here.
 Twin Lake  Enjoy beautiful twin lake from above.
 SPECIAL HIGHLIGHT  Crossing the Lake Batur about 35 minute from Kedisan harbour
 by outrigger boat to primitive Trunyan Village
 as an Isolated Village located between the lake bank.
 Trunyan Villager have different culture,
 that corpse lied down on the grave yard without smelling.

Tour Rate : Price per person !

 1 person  US$ 150
 2~3 person  US$ 85 / 1person
 4~6 person  US$ 75 / 1person
 7Person up please contact for special price

Other contents

Tour Duration is 10- 12 hours.
Private Tour, Flexible stopping time, Include english Speaking bali driver,
Comfortable car, Petrol, Boat ticket, All entrance ticket,
Mineral water and parking ticket

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