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Horse Riding

  After being welcomed at black sandy beach of Saba village,
  you will received a comprehensive safety briefing from the professional guides
  before embarking on a memorable horse riding experience,
  along the black volcanic sands and crashing waves of Saba Beach.
  Take a unique look at this sea side village as you pass the Pura Segara Willis Temple
  before heading out onto the wide sandy beach.
  In the distance is Nusa Penida Island and beyond on a clear day you will also see
  the silhouette of the great volcano of Mount Agung the Highest and Holy Mount in Bali.
  You will feel a peaceful ride along the beach before passing through bamboo
  and alang-alang plantations where wild banana trees and pineapples thrive.
  Also are many species of birds and a special temple dedicated to the annual rice harvest.


2~3名様 4~6名様 7~9名様 10名様以上
US$ 75 US$ 73 US$ 70 US$ 65



05:00頃 ホテル出発
05:30~10:30 日の出を楽しみながら、ホースライディング
11:00頃 ホテル到着



日の出コース 05:00~10:30
午前のコース 08:00~13:30
午後のコース 14:00~19:30







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